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These are the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) that are asked of us here at Liverpool Cycle Tours.

I’m a solo traveller, how do I book a tour?

Since we began, over six years ago, we have maintained a policy of no minimum amount of people to run a tour. We are proud of the fact that we are possibly one of the only tour operators in Liverpool who have this policy and hope it encourages more solo travellers to join our tours! The only tour we do with a minimum of two people is the South Coast Evening tour (which can also be booked as an evening City tour).

Do you have Public Liability insurance?

Yes we have very good public liability insurance cover which enables you to have your tour with some piece of mind. This should be the first thing you should check for when you book with a cycle tour company!

Where do we meet?

All the tours start and end from Safestore UK, Jordan Street, L1 0BG

Is car parking available?

At the weekends, you might be able to find a space and park for free at Safestore for the duration of the tour (saving you around £8 in parking fees!) but there is also plenty of paid parking near by.

Do I need to reserve?

Bookings are ALWAYS required but you can always telephone to make a last minute booking if we have space, if you book on the day – 07986139531

Do I need to pay when I reserve a cycle tour?

Yes, you need to pay for the tour to confirm your booking.

What if it is raining?

We cycle in all weathers and provide waterproof poncho’s (at a cost of £3 per poncho) if the weather is very bad.

What time should I arrive?

Ideally about 15 mins before a tour starts. We try and get away on time so if you’re late, you could miss out. If the tour is fully booked we only wait for 5 minutes after the start time of the tour as otherwise it is unfair on the people that are on time.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

If you have booked and paid for a cycle tour DIRECTLY WITH US and then changed your mind we need at least 72 hours notice (from the time your booked tour is due to start) for cancellations, please confirm this with an email AND a telephone call (you will receive a refund of 50%). If you want to cancel less than 72 hours before your tour is due to start there is no refund. If the weather turns bad on the day of your tour and you don’t want to cycle, you will be offered a chance to re-book your tour. If you can’t re-book then there will be no refund. We can’t control the weather (unfortunately!) but costs to the business are still incurred and these have to be covered.

If you have booked through viator or another agency then the cancellation policy will be in line with their published policy.

Do the tours go on the road?

Most of the time we stay on quiet back streets. Occasionally we have to cycle alongside traffic. 90% of the tours are on quiet streets, bicycle paths or parks.

What sort of bicycles do you have?

We provide good quality folding bicycles for the tours. Great for on the road and through the parks.

Can I reserve a children’s trailer for the Tour?

Yes, we have a trailer available which is free to use you just need to let us know you need it when you book your tour (write this in the ‘notes’ section of the booking form). This trailer can fit 2 children up to around 4 years old.

Can I bring my own bike or a Hire bike?

Yes of course, as long as it is in good road worthy condition and safe to ride. Unfortunately, we can’t fix punctures or make repairs to any bike other than our own (for insurance purposes) so you will need to bring spares and a puncture repair kit. Please DO NOT USE THIS CODE if you intend to use our bikes. Use the promo code: CITYBIKE to get a 10% discount.

Do I have to wear a helmet on the tour?

YES. It’s not the law in the UK but we provide one for you for free and would highly recommend that you use one for your own safety.

Is the tour suitable for children?

Children will need to be at least 1.3metres* tall otherwise they won’t be able to reach the brake levers! If they are competent cyclists, and comfortable with some riding alongside traffic, then yes. Generally children younger than 11 would not be suitable*, unless you book a private tour for your family, in which case you can go at whatever pace you like. Adults are responsible for their own children and their safety at all times. (* 1.3 metres is a minimum height restriction due to safety reasons, as anyone smaller than this will struggle to reach the brake levers).

What do I need to bring?

Clothing suitable for the weather, enclosed footwear, money to pay for drink/food stops and possibly some snacks / drinks for the journey. A rucksack is always recommended as most of our bikes do NOT have racks or panniers to store belongings. Sunglasses are also recommended as they stop flies and insects from going in your eyes!

I haven’t cycled in over 5 years, can I do a Beatles tour?

That is entirely up to your standard of fitness / stamina and your ability to ride a bicycle, safely!

Sometimes, if the guide thinks that you may struggle with the tour you have booked, will suggest Three options. Firstly, you could have an upgrade to electric bicycle (an additional fee will need to be paid). Secondly, if there is only your party on the tour, it may be suggested that the finish time be extended, allowing a slower, more manageable pace for you. Thirdly, it may be suggested that you choose an alternative tour which is less demanding.

It is ALWAYS up to the discretion of the tour guide to judge if your ability and / or fitness is suitable for the tour you have chosen. If the tour guide thinks that to take you on a tour would be potentially hazardous to either yourself or other participants of the tour, then they have the final say. We try and ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience on the tours but your safety is ultimately the most important thing to us!

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